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Ski & Snowboard Boot Fitting

Maximize Comfort & Performance

For skiers and snowboards alike, perhaps no other equipment selection can have a bigger impact on your overall experience than your boots. They’re responsible for transferring energy from your body to your skis or board, providing feedback from the snow surface, and keeping your feet warm and protected. How well they perform these duties depends on how well they fit. Properly fit boots can improve comfort, increase performance, and help avoid injury. Whether you’re purchasing new boots or seeking to improve the fit of your current pair, consider a professional fitting to maximize your enjoyment on the slopes. 

Ski Boot Fitting

When Should You Get Fit?

The best time to take advantage of boot fitting services is prior to making a purchase. Our experienced fitters can discuss your specific goals, take measurements of your foot anatomy, assess your stance and balance, and suggest several models to try on. Plan to spend about an hour with us, and be sure to bring along your favorite pair of socks. And, if you’ve owned boots previously, bring your old pair with you—they can help your fitter make a more informed recommendation.

Snowboard Boots

Our Boot Fitting Services

Our friendly staff have the expertise to help guide you towards the best fitting equipment. When recommending ski and snowboard boots, we’ll help narrow down the options based on your priorities—whether it’s being as comfortable as possible, achieving your best performance, or finding the perfect balance of both. Once a selection has been made, we offer additional services, such as stance alignment, heat molding, custom insoles, and shell modification, as well as care and storing information, to ensure you receive the maximum enjoyment and lifespan from your new equipment. 

Our technicians are Masterfit certified, being able to help with initial consultation, custom footbed forming, and EZFit insole installation.

Boot Customization Services

Preliminary Boot Fitting Consultation: $50

During the initial consultation, we will asses your current boot fit, starting by measuring your foot for size and flexibility. After which we will recommend modifications and additions to your gear that will improve your performance and comfort. Heat molding, hard shell punching, custom insoles, we do it all. NOTE: This initial session and fee does not include any adjustments or customization.

Per Modification: $25*

* Starting fee. Exact pricing will be determined when considering all needed adjustments.

Custom Masterfit Insoles: $185

Contact us to discuss your boot fitting today.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

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